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Mains Associates was created to help scientists, businesses, and organizations identify, unlock, and communicate the real value of their research and development to their various stakeholders. We believe strongly in good science and its critical importance for providing innovative and effective solutions for the major challenges facing people, communities, regions, nations, across our home planet.

In science-based companies, a large part of the business value is based on the real and perceived value of its research pipeline. To communicate research benefits to investors, employees, partners, clients, and other stakeholders requires that they understand the research including the goals, results, and potential applications. The key to communicating the value of research and development is to use deep understanding of the science to develop and deliver compelling stories using appropriate language and methods that resonate with different audiences.

With over 25 years of experience, we work with high-profile, international, multi-disciplinary research organizations in government, academia, and industry. Our work has received several awards, including from NASA, CNES (the French space agency), and the Russian Space Institute for BioMedical Problems and commendations from organizations such as the Council on Competitiveness.

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