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Common Bacterial Pathogen Gets Nastier in Simulated Microgravity

Research in simulated microgravity is providing basic knowledge for the development of new drugs and vaccines to treat and prevent infections from bacteria such as Salmonella.

Learn more about research in Simulated Microgravity.

Space-Based Research Benefits Those with Spinal Cord Injuries

Some spinal-cord injured people may learn to walk again using technologies developed for NASA research in variable-gravity environments.

Download our document on Spinal Cord Injury Treatment.

Gene Function Changes Seen with Spaceflight

Gene expression research done in microgravity could help minimize disorders, such as bone loss, in humans associated with both spaceflight and aging.

Learn more about microgravity's effect on gene expression.

Virtual Reality Tool Supports 3-D Imaging for Healthcare

Advanced computational tools developed for NASA biosciences research are being put to use on Earth for applications such as complex surgical planning and telemedicine.

Learn more about NASA's development of Virtual Reality applications.

How Does a Cell Know it's in Space?

Researchers have discovered that mechanical forces, including decreased gravity loads in space, deform cell walls and thereby the cell's internal, flexible "skeleton." This stimulates new molecular interactions in cells that control biological functions. Further understanding of this basic process may lead to improved development of bioengineering tissues to help with disease treatment.

Download our profile of Cell Function.

More Sex in Space?

Research into the function of sperm activation and fertilization in microgravity provides fascinating information into the basic biological processes underlying reproduction with significant applications on Earth.

Learn more about Sperm Function and Fertilization in microgravity.

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