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Does Your Audience Understand?

A recent The Scientist article talks about the appalling lack of understanding of key scientific concepts and terminology among science teachers and scientists!  If even those who work in the field can't follow exactly what you mean when you use terms like theory, and hypothesis, and fact, how can we expect a non-scientific audience to follow?

It is incumbent upon us, as science communicators, to be familiar with our audience, the terms they know and use, and what those terms mean to them.  Work with your audience, not against them, and recognize that does not mean you are "dumbing down" the science.  When your 14 year-old uses different words to talk to you and your friends than she does her friends, is she "dumbing it down" for you, or is she communicating with you in a way that you intuitively understand?

Congratulations, SpaceX!

Straight from the SpaceX Website this afternoon,

"Nominal Second stage cut off (SECO) - Falcon 1 has made history as the first privately developed liquid fueled launch vehicle to achieve earth orbit!!!!!!"

This is a fantastic achievement in the development arc of commercial space, and I'm sure only the first of many to come for SpaceX.  Personally, I find it very exciting to be here at the beginning stages of our evolution into a private spacefaring race.

Who, and what, is next?

Falcon 1, Flight 4

For those of you (like me) who found it sneaking up on you, SpaceX could launch the 4th flight of Falcon 1 as soon as today (Sept. 23)!

Like the other launches, I'm sure video will be available live on the Spacex Website.

VC Tip of the Day

Via the always excellent A VC, I found out about the new Twitter bot VC TipsBryce Roberts has rounded up several VCs to post short tips straight from the VCs mouth.  While the Twitter format isn't really going to allow for great insights or huge revelations, I'm sure that reminders of the basics are good, as many entrepreneurs have their heads down and forget the basics far too frequently.



Mains Associates Provides Video!

We are very excited to announce a partnership with Marc Levenson to provide video as yet one more way for our clients to share their message.  Marc is fun to work with and is genuinely excited by new technology and research, while his 30 years of experience help him communicate even the most complex information clearly and concisely.  I think those of you who do have the opportunity to work with him will find his enthusiasm infectious!

Marc argues that science, technology, and especially biotechnology, get limited coverage on television and radio because people fear what they don't understand. His novel, fun approach relies on using everyday familiar objects as metaphors to make science more relevant to a non-scientific audience.  To learn more about Marc, I encourage you to visit his TV show, Tech Closeup.

Welcome to the Team!

In a long overdue, but important post, I would like to welcome, and encourage you to welcome, two new members to the Mains Associates team.

Elizabeth Kelley and Jennifer Small have recently began to work with us both on client projects and in creating original content for our site.  They are just two of our team, and over the coming months, we will be introducting more and more of our team through blog postings, articles, and other pieces of content available on our site.

Elizabeth is a graduate student in biology at Stanford University whose main interests are neuroscience and genetics. In her free time she enjoys reading, dog training, and spending time outdoors.

Jennifer is a freelance writer and photojournalist experienced in promotional, grant, and editorial writing.   Originally from Michigan, she moved to the Bay Area in 2007 to finish her degree in Technical & Professional Writing at San Francisco State University.

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