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Scientists Without Borders Has Arrived

I just learned (via Nature) about Scientists Without Borders (SWB), an extraordinary joint project launched on 12 May 08 by the New York Academy of Sciences and the UN Millennium Project. The goal is to “mobilize and coordinate science-based activities that improve quality of life in the developing world. The SWB database will provide a way for organizations, projects and individuals with complementary needs and resources to find one another.” A major challenge of the initiative is to link science-related activities across the developing countries that face many communication barriers. The SWB site can function as a Community of Practice for researchers in developing countries and their colleagues and allies in the developed world.

Our experience in facilitating science communications, especially in space life sciences between NASA and the Russian, French, European, Canadian, and Japanese Space Agencies taught us many lessons within the developed world. The SWB will no doubt face even greater challenges and perhaps greater rewards in doing so across the developing world. The SWB deserves broad support and you can register on their site and begin to participate as you wish. We have offered our support to the SWB and encourage you to do the same. The world needs the science community to virtually join hands to deal with our major global issues.

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