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Welcome to the Team!

In a long overdue, but important post, I would like to welcome, and encourage you to welcome, two new members to the Mains Associates team.

Elizabeth Kelley and Jennifer Small have recently began to work with us both on client projects and in creating original content for our site.  They are just two of our team, and over the coming months, we will be introducting more and more of our team through blog postings, articles, and other pieces of content available on our site.

Elizabeth is a graduate student in biology at Stanford University whose main interests are neuroscience and genetics. In her free time she enjoys reading, dog training, and spending time outdoors.

Jennifer is a freelance writer and photojournalist experienced in promotional, grant, and editorial writing.   Originally from Michigan, she moved to the Bay Area in 2007 to finish her degree in Technical & Professional Writing at San Francisco State University.

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