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Our clients range from large government research organizations, universities, and corporations to non-profits and entrepreneurs. However, they share in common the need to continually communicate their complex value and brand to a variety of audiences. A sampling is listed below from the main sectors.


  • ALine, Inc.
  • Amplimed Corporation
  • BioPharm Systems
  • CytRx
  • Dynamac Corp.
  • ImaRx Therapeutics
  • Lockheed Martin Engineering and Sciences
  • Metabolix
  • NeoRx


  • NASA Education & Outreach Division
  • Fundamental Space Biology Program
  • Environmental Research Aircraft and Sensor Tech Program
  • NASA Research Park


  • CNES - Centre National d’Études Spatiale (French space agency)
  • International Space Life Sciences Working Group
  • US/Russian BioCosmos Program


  • California Space Authority - California Innovation Corridor
  • Center for Humanity and Space Exploration
  • Council of Engineering and Scientific Society Executives


  • Colorado Consortium for Earth and Space Science Education
  • Colorado State University
  • University of California at Berkeley

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