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This week, we brought "live" the Success Stories portion of the California Innovation Corridor Web site. The system that powers the database is all open-source - built on MySQL and PHP (using the Zend framework) - so we can take advantage of updates, patches, and upgrades without having to hire a huge development team. Collaboration, collaboration, collaboration... All of the Projects and Participants are profiled, and the Accomplishments section is growing day-by-day. Mains Associates and the system's beta users feel as though the system's real value is in understanding how these three elements relate to each other and in providing easy access to that related information. You can visit the system at InnovateCalifornia.net. Before you leave though, I would like to point out that this would not have been possible without the contributions of our friends at Wheeler Street Design. They toiled long and hard to customize a system to provide maximum transparency of WIRED information to site visitors - Thanks!

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