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Extreme Environments

It is widely agreed that exploration drives innovation and builds prosperity. This is true whether the explorers are ancient or modern, human or robot. While we know that life gravitates toward habitats that are easy to live in, in order to make new discoveries, we need to explore new places, often extreme environments, on both the macro and micro scale. This requires that we find ways to adapt to and do work in extremes of temperature, pressure, isolation, gravity, miniaturization, and more. It is mainly entrepreneurs that create innovative solutions to these problems, and "spin-off" products and services that benefit society at-large. This is increasingly seen as the "American Way" to solve extreme environment challenges.

Mains Associates has been involved in exploration for over 25 years with an emphasis on space, and we've learned a lot about working in extreme environments. Space exploration requires development and application of a broad range of innovations in artificial life support, closed environment habitats, resource recycling, renewable solar energy use, and with proposed long-duration space missions, the ultimate need for sustainable systems. Increasingly global problems such as climate change, energy depletion, drought, disaster mitigation, etc. are being defined in similar terms.

We have been fascinated by space exploration and space research because of the innovations, technical and social, required to adapt to extreme environments. We are also convinced that international collaboration in space exploration over the years has significantly benefited both our country and the world. Exploring and learning to utilize space for all mankind is truly a noble and worthwhile pursuit. Working on global challenges probably brings out the best in us, and benefits all humankind because of the discoveries made in, and in order to adapt to, Extreme Environments.

Congrats on your new

Congrats on your new blog.

It seems like global warming is bring extreme environments home for everyone.
I look forward to hearing more from you, Richard, on this and other topics.

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