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Mains Associates is moving!

Today is the big day; the movers are on their way and we are off to our new digs. We'll try to post a picture soon, as the view across the bay is fantastic. We think we've planned for everything, and all of our hosted sites should still be up an running during the move. Even if we did forget something, at worst everything will be up again by about Noon on Friday. Our phones will be off all day on Thursday, however our email will be functioning normally. We might not check either that frequently Thursday and Friday, so please be patient while we reconnect and we will get back to you. Thanks!

Congratulations! Do we know

Congratulations! Do we know or need to know where you now are?

Thanks Joan! All of our

Thanks Joan!

All of our contact information can be found on our contact us page. We are still in Berkeley, directly adjacent to campus, and with a fantastic view. If I ever remember the camera, I'll take a shot or two to share.

We survived the move and are

We survived the move and are fully operational in a more sylvan scene. Look forward to having visitors to our green zone, cheers, Richard.

Hi Richard-- Congrats on the

Hi Richard--

Congrats on the move! I'm retiring from BLS at the end of January so the above email is my home account. Will be doing some free-lance usability work with HFI but also available to schmooze about your gigs.



Dear John, our gigs have

Dear John, our gigs have segued a bit into your Bureau of Labor Statistics zone. We've been working for the last year as consultants to the California Space Authority (www.californiaspaceauthority.org) who wrote a proposal (submitted via CA Gov's office) for the Workforce In Regional Economic Development (WIRED)grant sponsored by US Dept of Labor (for more see 2 blogs in our "WIRED" section).

We developed a community development and communications support tool for CSA (WIRED project management)which is at www.innovatecalifornia.net (especially see Success Stories). The benefit for the 25 projects and over 50 partners and several collaborators has been obvious. Many users would like more interactivity which we're evaluating now.

Best wishes on your new life phase and the New Year!

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