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Usually I delete any spam that does find its way into my inbox immediately, but something about the content in an email entitled "Huge Bonus!" caught my eye,

Turn $2400 into $1000!

Now, this might just be the most honest statement about an online casino I've ever seen, but I don't think the content was exactly what was intended.  I'm sure these spammers will learn the lesson too many organizations have learned the hard way - you can create an interesting headline, but if you don't have the information, the data, to back it up, you'll go nowhere.

If you're a reader of this blog, my guess is that you have the information ("the beef", for those of you old enough to remember those commercials).  Is it being communicated clearly?  Is it accurate?  Does it describe a benefit your audience can relate to?  If not, spend time thinking about your message before you, like this casino, vanish into obscurity.

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