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Complete Communication Services for Innovation-Driven Organizations

Accurate, Reliable, and Efficient Medical and Technical Writing
Your business depends on accuracy, reliability, and efficiency, and our writers are experienced at delivering accurate documentation on time under tight deadlines. Regardless of the developmental phase your company is in, Mains Associates will work with you to provide the appropriate documentation, including:

  • CTDs
  • Protocols
  • Research and Technology Summaries
  • GxP Audits and Reports
  • SAE Narratives
  • Template Standardization
  • Clinical and Product Development Plans
  • Abstracts, Posters, Manuscripts, and Articles

Bold Communications for Innovative Organizations
Communicating research information is equal parts science and art and we are experts at bridging the gap between the lab and your key stakeholders. For over 25 years, our unique team has combined its research knowledge with writing and journalism expertise to develop a broad range of business communications and original content products that are, clear, credible, and influential.

  • Messaging Strategy: Great content starts with smart choices about the audience you want to communicate with, the message you are sending, and the appropriate content type. Our team can guide and help you make these critical decisions.
  • Content Creation: Based on the results of your research and knowledge innovations, we will create text, graphics, and multimedia content that clearly communicates the value you bring to your chosen audience. Our services support the publication of online content such as Websites and blog posts, print content such as press releases and annual reports, and multimedia content such as presentations and podcasts.

Core Communications Program
As a startup, your communication needs are varied, yet your internal resources are limited.  Mains Associates can provide you with the core set of communications tools and products you need to achieve your next round of funding and continue building your team and your special innovations. Learn more about our Core Communications Program by downloading the flyer.

Intelligent Analysis of Research Impact
Wide breadth of experience is crucial to providing unique insights, and Mains Associates brings the benefit of 25 years of working with some of the world's most diverse research organizations to each project. Our hands-on experience gives you the expertise you need to make better decisions:

  • Analyzing and evaluating potential collaborations for compatibility and/or leveraging
  • Analyzing potential political, social, and economic implications of research projects or programs
  • Analyzing the potential investment and market value of research lines

To see how we have solved specific customer challenges, visit our Portfolio page or Contact Us to discuss your challenge.

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